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A ‘CRM check-up’ for hoteliers

Sometimes it can be confusing for hoteliers, especially independent hotels / hotel chains, to determine if adopting specialized systems like a CRM, would really add value to their business and give them a positive ROI. The best way to decide whether you need a CRM, is to take this ‘self-audit’ test based on your own current activities, and then you can see for yourself.  


Here’s  a concise ‘checklist’ from D-edge that we highly recommend that hoteliers should go through.

Checklist Recap

If you’re doing this at your hotel you know it’s time to implement a CRM:

1. You frequently export guest data from your PMS



→ Poor control over GDPR

→ Duplicated e-mailings

→ Rate-conflict offering

→ Data silos

2. Your messaging is inconsistent or generic for all guests. i.e.: lack of personalization



→ Alienate potential target markets 

→ You don’t reward your most valuable customers

→ Hurt your brand image

3. You have no idea who’s arriving today or their value to your hotel



→ Your guest knowledge leaves with each employee

→ No historical data on what guests like/want 

→ Fail to loyalize guests


Inspired by these “symptoms and consequences”, we took the test ourselves to see how HotelAppz measures up to the hoteliers who need a CRM.

Excellent news: We’re a perfect match. Take a look!

To find out more about our solutions, click HERE.

And don’t forget to let us know your results after you’re taking the test! 

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