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About us

The tourism sector is undergoing a profound change !

Airbnb has profoundly changed the hospitality industry by creating an entirely new experience and a fully integrated customer journey.

Rui Teixeira, the founder of HotelAppz, dreamed of empowering traditional hospitality businesses to have an even greater impact on their guests:

  • An optimized and integrated Customer Journey that includes all services: Rooms, Restaurant, Shuttle, Offices, Experiences.
  • Fully personalized experience

… in a few words, the transformation of a BOOKING-CENTRIC company into GUEST-CENTRIC.

He decided to found HotelAppzOne: a next-generation open guest data hub, specifically for hotels. 

With Hotelappz, you can focus on strengthening your hotel brand, designing impactful offers, and automating key touchpoints so your guests remember you and are ready to come back. What’s more, it’s now possible to reduce the administrative burden on staff, build genuine customer relationships, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

« With HotelAppzOne, connecting with your guests and making them happy does not seem as tedious as it used to. I wanted to create the ultimate toolbox for all hoteliers to communicate with them along the guest journey. »

Associate, CEO

His dream came true with HotelAppzOne. In a little over 3 years, HotelAppz became an international company present on 4 continents and in 250 countries. More than 350 hotels trust us to deepen the relationship with their guests and we have more than 50 partners around the world.



Guest data management
Marketing automation
Multi-experiences & multi-channels
Next generation hotel features
HotelAppz API and custom

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