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Boost Direct Booking by Integration with the CRM HotelAppz

You can boost your Direct Booking by Integration of your CMS with the CRM HotelAppz. Behind every successful hotel business, there has to be a good Hotel Management System in place to keep data, day to day chores, and daily communication organized. There are several Guest Management Systems out in the market including Opera, Apaleo PMS, Directholiday, Protel Serenissima, Hoist HotSoft PMS, Guestline, Base7booking, and NextGuest.

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, guests like to be in hospitality environments that feel professional, dedicated, and offer well-integrated systems for a fuss-free stay. One of the most successful co-operating systems has to be the integration of the Opera Hotel Management system with one of the best hotel PMS CRM add-ons such as HotelAppz.

As one of the leading providers for the hospitality industry, the Opera Hotel Management System can be found across the globe, from tiny boutique B&B’s to big-name chains, they all turn to the Oracle Opera PMS to keep their booking systems streamlined, simple, and ever up to date.

From Hotel Management Software to CRM

Hotel Management Software and Property Management Software are the same things – they are cloud-based hotel management systems that invite hoteliers to keep a handle on their customer data, recording everything from booking preferences to previous visits, inhouse requests, and personal information. Having all this data to hand not only ensures a swift check-in, but it invites hotels to take a strong customer service approach.

Curating Customer Data

Many hotels and businesses within the hospitality industry are sitting on a gold mine of customer data, but working out what to do with that data and getting into a process of manually organizing it can be consuming, costly, and take a long time to get to a place where the return on investment starts to pay off.

One of the major pain points is to access the whole history of a client. In fact, clients can book their bedrooms through different channels and may have different avatars along their own journey (wifi access, restaurant&bar, spa & other services…). Thus, your client’s identities may vary.

By looking for CRM software like HotelAppz that can be integrated with your Hotel Management System you can start to use this data to build effective guest profiles and to have everything you need for targeted communications and marketing. You have now a solution that works as a single point of truth is possible to improve customer

Now! When you have in-depth information regarding your guests’ profile and preferences, you can leverage your service up to a more tailored and personal level. For those who are looking to boost their communication capabilities and to make the most of their guest profiles and data collection, it’s essential to select a CRM program like HotelAppz CRM that can integrate with most of the Hotel Management System.

What is CRM Software?

CRM is the abbreviated term for customer relationship management and there are certain CRM software choices out there that effectively help you to strategize and implement better customer service for your clients. Choosing a travel CRM software helps you to build strong and well-fleshed out customer profiles so you are able to connect with them on a personal level, to communicate effectively, to offer deals that speak directly to their needs, and to grow an organic relationship via the simple use of targeted emails, relevant newsletters, and any events that you feel would be of value to your specific type of guest. The boutique customer service approach is set to boom as more and more customers value personal connections in the modern hospitality marketplace.

Why Choose an Integrated CRM System?

To make the most of the collaboration, you want a CRM that will easily integrate and support the data from Opera. When you use a savvy CRM tool that integrates with Opera, the information stored on your booking system can be easily used to build a customer profile. The more detailed the customer profile, the more you understand their needs, and the more you understand their needs, the more you are able to tailor your marketing campaigns to fit them. When we connect with customers on a personal communication level, we are better equipped to grow our relationships and to encourage local business and repeat bookings.

What Makes HotelAppz CRM Stand Out?

As mentioned, selecting a CRM system that seamlessly integrates with your Hotel Management system is the way to go for those hoteliers looking to get the best out of their business. HotelAppz is affordable, globally recognized, and ever ready to integrate with your PMS. HotelAppz is considered to be one of the best CRM software tools for small business hotels thanks to its cost efficiency, but it also has the reach and power to help those larger brand names in hospitality to beautifully streamline their systems.

HotelAppz provides a Single Point of Truth and offers a platform so that you can :

  • understand your guest profiles, behaviors, and needs,
  • segment your clients for future campaigns,
  • personalize your service for better care and customer satisfaction,
  • identify key levers to retain each customer so that they will return later.

Boost Sales With Email Marketing in HotelAppz CRM

Communication That Connects with Guests

HotelAppz CRM analytics is a great way of segmenting already collected data and using this information to form marketing strategies and reward programs that uniquely connect with your target market. If you take the blanket approach and assume all your guests want the same thing (regardless of being a business or leisure traveler, etc), there’s every chance that your guest will feel unseen and undervalued. By channeling your communication to suit the guest, you are deepening the message that you take the personal approach seriously.

Newsletters and targeted email marketing: Newsletters are amazing tools for committing to the upsell, encouraging customer engagement, and ensuring that your ongoing relationships are kept current and connected.

Customer loyalty programs: Tight and tailored communication is the key to connecting with customers especially when it comes to customer loyalty programs.

Personalization of Check-in and Check-out: All customers are seeking a brand that brings the personal touch, one that commits to great service, and by checking in and offering communication every step of the way you can close the gap and nurture a strong relationship.

Automate Newsletters with HotelAppz Templates

As HotelAppz CRM collects customer contact data, newsletters really help you to make the most out of those precious email lists. You can use your newsletter content for informing guests about upcoming events both in the hotel and around the city or destination. You can also write newsletter content that encourages bookings by bringing in area highlights, hotel restaurant menu previews, and any kind of special occasions that are upcoming. You can further drive engagement by sharing news about customer loyalty programs.

How Customer Loyalty Programs Can Change Your Business

Another exciting angle offered by the CRM software from HotelAppz is its ability to help you curate customer loyalty programs. It’s even more important to keep a hold on return customers as these prove to drive up return investment numbers so much more than the time, effort, and financial resources that gets put into attracting new customers. One of the best ways to reward customer loyalty is by offering an attractive customer loyalty program that connects.

Designing Dedicated Guest Journeys

We all know that customer service is one of the strongest suits in the pack when it comes to the hospitality business and that designing dream guest journeys is what can really make a company stand out.

Before Check-In email

As soon as a booking is made, HotelAppz can help you get started in providing compelling customer service for your guest. Sending a personalized email welcome or appointment reminder is a great way of instantly connecting with your guest and gives you a chance to further develop that relationship. After an initial welcome and looking forward to your arrival email, you can take this opportunity to send another email at a later date offering deals on room upgrades and special offers to further boost the

How Can HotelAppz CRM Help?

Save Time and Money

Hotel Management Software is about so much more than simply streamlining bookings and automating check-in services, it can actually help your hotel business to save time and money at every step. Manual data collecting and input is time-consuming, as is taking the time to pen personal emails and follow up on connections with new and returning guests. Integrated with your simple cloud-based data system in place, you can automatically collect all that data cutting down on lengthy admin time and ensuring your team has more capacity for customer-facing tasks.

A Simple CRM System

Simple, clean, and one of the easiest CRM systems you could hope for, HotelAppz collects customer data and organizes it in a fuss free manner. From collecting the basic details such as name and contacts to building in-depth guest profiles and having a wide range of templates for target email marketing, HotelAppz is all about clarity, conciseness, and creating long-lasting relationships via personal

communication, knowledge collection, and curating enticing customer loyalty programs with ease. Everything is laid out with HotelAppz, saving you even more time and money by avoiding long training sessions to get staff up to speed with the system.

Sophisticated Segmentation

HotelAppz takes your data and creates online customer profiles that can be easily segmented. Segmenting your data is a huge part of the plan when it comes to effective marketing strategies as each style of traveler will have different needs and demands. If you attempt to blanket offer a campaign to all your different guest profiles you run the risk of alienating your own customers. However, if you successfully segment your market, you are able to approach each individual segment with deals, campaigns, and communication tools that hit home every time. HotelAppz understands this need for tailored communication and is designed to specifically bring added guest value by segmenting data.

Tailor Communication for Closer Connections

By using one of the best CRM software, you can not only automate the collection of essential data, but a system like HotelAppz will also create an automated messaging and email communication service that is

genuinely tailored to match your guest profile. The sophisticated system recognizes different genres of guests (from business to leisure, solo traveler to family) based on the data collected. According to their personal needs, you can select an automated style of email marketing that fits this niche.

A CRM That Understands Authenticity

One of the most important aspects of solid customer service is the ability to offer your guests authentic attention. HotelAppz is a sophisticated system that understands that people don’t want to feel like just another number. To bypass this without staff having to resort to time-consuming lead chasing, the CRM for hotel management helps by curating a simple database, building in-depth customer profiles, and offering automated email and newsletter target marketing that is uniquely tailored to fit the guest type. Your clients get authentic sounding personal correspondence in their inbox and feel valued which in turn will drive up engagement levels and ROI.

Deals That Fit Customer Profile

It is not just the way you communicate that should be considered suitable for the segmented market you are reaching, but also what you are communicating. Different guests will see different value in different things. For example, a business traveler may prefer a customer loyalty program that offers relevant rewards like a free breakfast or a reduction in rates compared to a romantic meal for two. A family may make more use of a kids stay free deal rather than a solo traveler who would prefer a free drink at the bar or free access to a city event. When you tailor your approach and use your PMS data and online customer profiles, you bring added value and have a greater chance of making the most of those campaigns.

Tools to keep up with the guest expectation

As software becomes even more sophisticated and guest expectations are driven higher, hoteliers would do well to invest in an affordable HotelAppz CRM system with the integration of your PMS. Data is a hugely valuable ingredient when it comes to reaching out and securing a return on investment and target marketing is the future of fine-tuned intuitive hospitality. Having both of these things automated ensures your business never skips a beat and you are able to make the most of your bookings create campaigns that hit home and to connect with customers ever step of the way.

With HotelAppz integrated into your PMS, you can get control back again over your customer data. It will provide you all the capabilities to communicate in all channels, personalize the customer journey end-to-end (from the first interest to post-stay and loyalty) and increase your direct bookings. And as the integration with Opera has been pre-built, bringing back your clients is just at the corner.

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