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Boost eMarketing with HotelAppz CRM

How to boost eMarketing with HotelAppz CRM? Nowadays, clients are online, on different channels. Hotels can get the benefit from it noticing the first signs of interest, sharing with them inspiring contents or delicious offers to maintain Top of Mind, and get more traction on bookings.

HotelAppz CRM functionalities cover Customer Profile, eMarketing, and performance monitoring. Cloud-based CRM like HotelAppz is paving the way for hotels and all levels of hospitality businesses to move into digital marketing. Hoteliers know the time and effort that goes into manually organizing and curating customer data, but with the marriage of a solid Property Management System and an innovative Customer Relationship Management plan, you can save time and money and channel your resources into growing your brand without getting weighed down. Anyone working within the hospitality industry knows the importance of close customer relations and high standards of personalized service

E-Marketing at HotelAppz

Target marketing is one of the best investments a hotel can make especially when opting for an automated system. A powerful tool, target e-marketing works across several levels. First and foremost, it keeps you and your guest engaging with each other and when done right, can secure your reputation as being a hotel company that genuinely cares. It is vital that any email marketing, newsletter marketing, or even loyalty card outreach is all done with the personal approach in mind. There are many different styles of guests out there and you want to make sure that you are always offering them something relevant and exciting that takes their specific guest journey into consideration.

Smart Automation

In the digital age, automation is a necessity for those small hotels looking to streamline and maximize their resources. Whether its organizing data, sending out check-in/ check-out emails, newsletters, satisfaction surveys, or managing loyalty programs, all these tasks when done manually can take up huge swathes of time and staff resources. HotelAppz keeps things ticking behind the scenes with its endless scope for automation across the board. When your task list becomes automated, you are freeing up space and capacity for your staff to commit to customer-facing service safe in the knowledge that the behind the scenes is sorted.

Why a good PMS is central for the management of the Hotel

Hoteliers want a Property Management System that makes life easy. Investing in a solid PMS for hotels means that you are bringing your operations into the modern world, cutting down on lengthy task time, streamlining your day to day affairs, and ensuring that every step is maximized for success. Your PMS becomes the beating heart of your property. Your PMS can be Opera, Apaleo PMS, Hoist HotSoft PMS, Directholiday, Protel Serenissima, Mews hotel, Guesty, Getimpala, Guestline, Clok PMS, Base7booking, NextGuest

Now you have a great PMS in place, you want to find a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that suits your intention to do e-marketing. A CRM is another integral piece of the puzzle of in the IT architecture for those in hospitality wanting to grow their business with e-marketing.

Integration of your PMS with HotelAppz CRM to enable e-marketing

HotelAppz is a specialized CRM for hoteliers and is prepared to integer smoothly with Opera PMS, Apaleo PMS, Hoist HotSoft PMS, Directholiday, Protel Serenissima, Mews hotel, Guesty, Getimpala, Guestline, Clok PMS, Base7booking, NextGuest, and any other hotel management systems that support the FIAS protocol. The seamless story of opting for the integration of your PMS with HotelAppz CRM is the right move to enable e-marketing. These two systems work in complete harmony to heighten levels of the inhouse organization, data segmentation, and full guest personalization across the board. With easy to use and attractive interfaces, savvy 21st-century mobile capabilities, and automated services that can really free up your staff capacity, this is how you grow your hospitality business.

Smooth Experience with HotelAppz

Anyone in business knows that one of the most important elements of introducing new software is opting for a program that delivers a smooth experience. No one wants to spend hours in training or days in frustration trying to get their new set up to work. Fortunately, HotelAppz has been designed with ease and effortless use in mind. A user-friendly interface and one-stop-shop approach ensure that everything you need is right at your fingertips. HotelAppz has also been designed with mobility in mind, hoteliers can keep access to the mobile-friendly interface on their mobile phone. With an all in one intuitive dashboard, plenty of optimization opportunities, along with being designed to improve efficiency, here’s what you can expect from the leading CRM software for hospitality…

Why is a CRM System a plus for your PMS?

The integration of your PMS with HotelAppz CRM can be a perfect match for your business…

Better Customer Profile

A CRM system will build a rich and highly comprehensive database that brings all the information about your guests together, enabling you to curate a rich customer profile to better understand the needs of those who pass through your door. When you know exactly who you are serving and what they need, it enables you to provide tailored services and relevant marketing campaigns that hit home. As a result, your guests feel valued and understood thus securing a solid opportunity for long-term relationships to thrive.

Automation of eMarketing

Another way in which a Customer Relationship Management system can help your business is by enhancing revenue opportunities. A good CRM system is all about automating repetitive tasks without losing the personal touch. Therefore, options like creating compelling email campaigns, target marketing, and offering loyalty programs and rewards – all this can be automated. Not only will this dramatically save time for your staff, but the sophisticated data collection and guest profile systems also allow for customer preferences to be logged, meaning that you can offer lucrative and interesting offers and upsells that are sure to capture the attention of your guest. CRM systems also invite the opportunity for winning marketing strategies – especially when tailored. You have the chance to offer room upgrades, sightseeing packages, and other tailored benefits that blend a great personalized deal for your clients with the opportunity for your business to make their stay even more lucrative. You can follow us on YouTube on our Mailing Automation function:

Referrals and Retention

The combination of streamlined offers and personalized customer service go a long way when it comes to keeping your hotel business at the top of the referrals and customer retention scheme. Competition in the hotel marketing business is huge and it often takes a lot more time and resources to attract new guests than it does to keep the current ones loyal and coming back for more. Guest retention strategies are vital and word of mouth referrals along with positive reviews are other areas that will keep your hospitality business floating even when the industry is facing tough times. Keeping a personal bond with your current clients will go a long way in helping your brand to stay relevant.

How HotelAppz Can Move your Hotel Forward

HotelAppz CRM has the edge. Not only does it integrate beautifully with a wide range of PMS systems including Opera PMS, Apaleo PMS, Hoist HotSoft PMS, Directholiday, Protel Serenissima, Mews hotel, Guesty, Getimpala, Guestline, Clok PMS, Base7booking, NextGuest, but it also brings a unique roster of benefits…

A One-Stop-Shop

HotelAppz is your one-stop-shop for turning big data into tailored marketing and communications. Not only will HotelAppz help you to collect and segment that data, but it also goes further by offering completely customized communications for all your guests through newsletter templates, email marketing campaigns and customizable loyalty programs. Along with a wide range of templates and personalization options, it also offers systems and features for better management structures.

Curated Customization

Where HotelAppz truly stands out is when it comes to curated customization options. One of the most effective and long-standing marketing strategies comes in the shape and form of personal communication and tailoring everything around the needs of individual guests. No one likes to feel like just another face in the crowd, and with HotelAppz on side, you don’t have to worry about guests getting lost in the data. By segmenting collected data, the unique guest profiling feature builds rich customer profiles so you can have a clearer vision of who your guests are and how they interact with your business. When you know your guest prototype you are better equipped for communicating with them and offering them relevant deals. When a guest feels like you are speaking directly to them and their demands you can be sure of higher levels of engagement which in turn leads to strengthened customer loyalty and return on investment.

Boost your booking

Speaking of return on investment this is another way in which HotelAppz can help your business to improve revenues. Thanks to the advanced data segmentation, the guest profiling, and the ability to curate marketing campaigns that connect, all this can dramatically drive your business revenue even higher. Whether it is creating targeted email marketing campaigns, penning newsletter content that excites and inspires, or offering personal upsell and upgrade options that you know a client will love, all this leads to bigger sales boosts for your business.

With HotelAppz integrated into your PMS, you can get control back again over your customer data. It will provide you all the capabilities to communicate in all channels, personalize the customer journey end-to-end (from the first interest to post-stay and loyalty) and increase your direct bookings. And as the integration with Opera has been pre-built, bringing back your clients is just at the corner.

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