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Happier Staff for Happier Guests !

Boost your staff productivity

Stop answering to your clients implies, consulting different systems and repeating again and again the same processes. With HotelAppz you can:
- Instant access to full guest history:
- message directly your guest(sending invoices)
- Automate repetitive tasks

Faster & Easier Marketing

HotelAppz refreshes instantly all your guests informations, so you can concentrate on your contents to reach marketing excellence.
- Set up powerful marketing automations
- Quickly create a campaign with strong messages
- Track your results easily

Lest Cost, More Productivity

Hotelappz is a strong and intuitive Saas platform with powerful API:- Streamline all your processes through different IT systems
- Free your staff
- Increase customer satisfaction

Don’t loose any opportunity to grow your business

Nestor, UK
“With HotelAppz, we prepared more than 30 specific and highly targeted automations to be close to our guests in every relevant moment. The targeting is very specific, according to customer profile and journey. We increased satisfaction and, even more, direct bookings”
John Doe

Marketing Manager Nestor, UK

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