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Good hotel guest communication is fundamental in these tough times

As the Coronavirus continues to propagate, we are all facing very challenging times and especially all of us in the travel industry.   However, we can surmount these difficulties by working together and following the recommended health guidelines.   Today, even more than ever, it is important to have clear communication, to help us overcome this pandemic.

Hoteliers need to make the best of this very bad situation and use the opportunity to actively communicate with their client base.  Whether it’s existing customers or new guests that are planning to come.  You need an easy way to target the right people and to send them the right messages, at the right time. That’s why having a CRM (like HotelAppz) is so important in today’s environment.

Here are a few examples, whereby you can proactively communicate with your past, present, & future hotel guests:

  • Send out general information about the current travel restrictions in your city / area
  • Manage cancellations in a proactive way
  • Segment & target specific groups (business vs. leisure, coming from a specific region, language spoken, etc.) with appropriate messages
  • Offer special treatment to loyal / returning guests (extra loyalty points)
  • Help better prepare guests that are still coming
  • Communicate the extra measures you’ve taken to clean/disinfect your hotel
  • Share the special attention you’ve given your employees to protect them

By using a CRM, you’re able to, not only communicate with your guests, but to do so in a very personalized, targeted manner.  It’s important to keep people informed and to stay visible so that when we do get through this crisis, your guests will want to come back and stay in your hotel.

Be safe and stay healthy.  Let us know how we can help you and if you’d like to know more about our Guest Data Hub (CRM) with an integrated loyalty program.

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Todd Kramer

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