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Hotel Customer Profile and Email Targeting

Performant Hotel Customer Profiles are necessary for good  Email Targeting. In a highly challenging context, the recovery of bookings and occupancy will be accelerated through efficient communications to clients. For this to be achieved While travel and tourism have been steadily on the rise, savvy hoteliers know that the hospitality industry can be highly competitive, and high levels of customer care can be the best pathway to success. Whether for business or pleasure, travelers seem to crave a targeted and personal approach. Hotels who understand the importance of hotel customer profiles and email targeting are already one step ahead of the game.

Hotel Customer Profiles and Email Targeting: Benefits

Hotel Customer Profiles and email targeting are an answer to adapt to the different types of hotels and guests. Indeed the tourist industry isn’t a one size fits all and different styles of hotels and accommodation attract different styles of traveler. For example, a business traveler has different needs than a gap year backpacker, and families will be seeking out a certain kind of hotel solution in comparison to a group of party-centric millennials. Formulating a clear-cut marketing campaign to steadily grow those booking numbers requires the first-class formula to set your hotel up for success.

Clear Communication and Engaging Campaigns 

Clear Communication and Engaging Campaigns are the keys to a strong digital marketing strategy. The first step is effectively building a customer profile so you understand exactly who you are aiming to target with your marketing campaigns. Having a clear image of your customer base invites you to finetune your message and to meet your audience’s demands. Without a clear idea of who you are targeting, your marketing efforts may be echoing into a void or worse, widening the gap between your company and your customer. 

When you have a clear sketch of your hotel customer profile, you can create email marketing campaigns that hit home. For those looking to drive ROI levels, segmenting your audience helps you to set clear objectives, curate your message, and create an engaging campaign that meets the needs of your profile group. 

Interactions for Organic Growth

From initial query to booking and finally, to climbing into bed, there are endless opportunities along the way to create a personalized journey for your guests using HotelAppz CRM. Hitting those high notes and making each interaction personal via targeted email marketing inspires guest loyalty and can even lend itself to a compelling word of mouth marketing campaign that will further extend your business reach and lead to organic growth. 

An Easy Process for Enhanced Customer Relations with HotelAppz CRM
Creating a customer profile with HotelAppz CRM, your hospitality CRM system brings a whole host of benefits when it comes to target marketing strategies. Having all that collected customer data is a gold mine when you are able to use that data to enhance your customer relationships. A solid hotel CRM system streamlines the process for you, guiding you through from the initial objective to campaign concept, creative designs, and final launch.  

Using customer profile software can effectively collect real guest details – name, age, nationality, communication details and preferences, social media accounts, travel requests. Having all this information invites you to build an identity of the people staying in your hotel and allows for clearer channels of tailored communication.

Here are ten ways in which a HotelAppz CRM, your hotel CRM system can help you to map out an effective email marketing strategy in line with your guest profiles.

  1. Set your objectives
  2. Decide the concept of the campaign
  3. Decide the target audience
  4. Choose the timing
  5. Decide the message
  6. Decide the promotion level and the format of the promotion: discount, coupon, bundle
  7. Get a creative design 
  8. Test your campaign 
  9. Launch the campaign
  10. Measure the success of the campaign

What are the Types of Hotel Customer Profiles in HotelAppz?

From slick city center to countryside retreat, each style of the hotel brings a different set of benefits to the table and there is always a guest prototype to match. Understanding what kind of travelers are out there helps hoteliers to identify who is walking through their door and can lead to a more intuitive understanding of customer needs. 

Different customers will have different customer expectations, for example, honeymooners will crave a sense of privacy and romance whereas solo travelers may be seeking a more social scene. 

Understanding the pain points of each potential category of guests will help you to fill in the gaps and to launch campaigns built on this knowledge of understanding customer profiles and email targeting. HotelAppz CRM has already several profiles embedded and you can add additional profiles according to your hotel. Here are a few examples of different kinds of customer needs within the hotel industry. 

 Backpackers and Solo Travelers Customer Profile

Backpackers and solo travelers have a specific Customer Profile. They tend to pick places that enable ease of access to the sights and sounds of the city. Often, they will dump their bags and hit the streets, only really returning to the hotel to sleep and eat and rest up in-between adventures. They tend to like hotels that allow room for socialization or where staff can offer suggestions on the best places to visit and meet like-minded people.

Honeymooners and Couples Customer Profile

Honeymooners and Couples Customers are visiting the hotel for a honeymoon or a romantic weekend away will be craving privacy and a high level of perfection. They are seeking a rare and tailored experience, one that heightens the special occasion feeling. They appreciate good service, divine dining, and a cozy corner to call their own.

Families Customer Profile

Families Customers have a specific Customer Profile. Traveling families will require child-friendly amenities, entertainment, and to feel welcome in the environment. Hotels with stroller-friendly paths, changing stations, and booster chairs in the restaurants will all be hitting high marks with traveling families. 

Business Customer Profile

Business travelers spend a lot of time in hotels and require certain home comforts and amenities to make their stay productive and pleasurable. As they spend a lot of time in their room, they will require attention to detail, good quality bedding, the option of room service, and WIFI connections. Some business travelers also appreciate the option for sports and leisure with additional facilities like a gym or spa.

By understanding differing customer demographics(, you are able to quickly ascertain who your hotel is suitable for and which style of marketing campaigns and email targeting would bring the most value to your business. For example, a family discount bundle isn’t going to strike a chord with a business traveler. Receiving such an email may make them feel alienated from your brand as they have been proven to be ‘just another number in the system’. Using customer profile software to map out ideal customer profiles is a great start to identifying specific customer needs and wants in a hotel. Once you have your customer profiles, you can start strategizing on effective communication via email targeting to elevate B2C connections and to deepen customer satisfaction.

Before a Booking: How to Prepare a Newsletter With Promotional Events

Creating an email newsletter for your hotel is an excellent way of blending effective communication with marketing. A monthly email newsletter will keep your guests informed and engaged providing your newsletter format strikes that soft balance between seamless local news and promotion. 

What is a Good Newsletter?

Strong newsletter content will contain a mix of inspirational and informative content with just a pinch of marketing thrown in. The goal of writing a newsletter is to keep a connection with former and future guests, to drive traffic, promote new services, and even garner guest feedback which will be useful in implementing changes to your sector.

What Newsletter Content Should Be Included?

You can send out monthly newsletters to your email targeting list letting them know of special promos and exciting onsite developments. You can also include local destination news, share press releases, and guest experiences, and create compelling copy that your customer profile will be interested in. Check-in with your local area to stay abreast of new restaurant openings, exciting events or exhibitions, theater shows coming to town, and curate newsworthy segments based on the guest type. Look at,  your Townhall website, or For example, a family may want to know about child-friendly fun whereas honeymooners could be more intrigued by a new Michelin starred eatery opening. 

After Booking How to Prepare a Profiling Survey with HotelAppz CRM

Great customer care is ensuring your guests feel heard and surveys help to capture that need alongside gifting you the chance to understand guest profiles better. As guests will already be interacting with your brand via making bookings, you can take this opportunity to gently dig a little deeper rather than going into your email targeting and profile building blindly.

Don’t get too heavy-handed with the questions as your aim isn’t to take up too much of your client’s time, but to effectively and strategically ask a couple of questions that help you to understand their needs. You could ask how they heard about the hotel (whether through a travel agency, word of mouth, or third-party booking site). You can also ask what encouraged them to book with you (price point, location, favorite facilities). 

Finally, you can ask about the purpose of the trip (business, event, leisure). With all the above information collected on HotelAppz CRM, the most flexible hospitality CRM you can work on developing a customer loyalty management program that hits home.

Before Arrival: How to Prepare a Client Reminder with HotelAppz CRM

Sending a booking reminder 24 hours before arrival shows elevated levels of customer care, builds enthusiasm and brand loyalty and also invites the opportunity to offer a discount on room upgrades if the hotel has availability. Hotels can also send a couple of reminders if the booking window is long to give guests time to consider. There is also the opportunity to weave in some of those newsletter tips and add hotel promotions and local city or destination tips and promotions too. 

Personalization is key to communicating with guests and to making the most of your email targeting. Always be sure to use the guest’s name and avoid capital letters or anything that looks like you have turned to automated communication rather than having taken the time to personally pen this note and welcoming the guest into the hotel conversation in an honest and authentic way. 

Finally, along with the booking reminder and details about check-in you can also take this moment to ask the guest to like and review the hotel on social media or booking sites depending on the personal customer profile. 

Check-Out: How to Prepare a Satisfaction Survey in HotelAppz CRM

Client surveys are an essential part of the hospitality business and an invaluable source of feedback for your hotel. A face to face invitation for feedback during the checkout procedure in a hotel can be a more intimate and honest approach. However, email and SMS satisfaction surveys can be equally as efficient and can also invite guests to be a little more open to rating the hotel.

HotelAppz CRM includes the possibility to send a survey to the Guests. A good customer survey template can include questions like: what did you enjoy about your stay? Would you recommend our hotel to a friend or colleague? Are there any areas for improvement you can suggest? You should also include an invitation to reach out and discuss any discrepancies and ask that if the guest had an enjoyable stay they like and review the hotel on a booking site or social media page. Include a link to the hotel’s social media pages and booking profiles to make this feasible in one easy click. 

Data gathering and Customer Profiling with HotelAppz 

Once the survey data is collected you can run this through the HotelAppz CRM software and it will mix with the clients’ additional data to build a client profile. The record will be rich in information that includes details like where the guest came from, how long they stayed, whether they were traveling for business or leisure, whether they upgraded their room, etc.

Having all this information will allow HotelAppz CRM, your hospitality CRM to build an effective customer profile and to tag the clients in their appropriate ‘type’ categories – business, leisure, family, etc. 

In the future, when sending newsletters and further communication, you will be able to tailor correspondence and templates to suit that specific group. Tailored communication in-keeping with individual guests’ needs is the best way to inspire brand loyalty and curate effective email marketing campaigns that drive up future bookings and ROI. 

With HotelAppz, you can get control back again over your customer data. It will provide you all the capabilities to communicate in all channels, personalize the customer journey end-to-end (from the first interest to post-stay and loyalty) and increase your direct bookings. And as the integration with Opera has been pre-built, bringing back your clients is just at the corner.

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