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Hotelappz joins Oracle We Love Startups program

At Food Hotel Tech 2018 in Paris, Hotelappz is proud to announce its integration into Oracle’s We Love Start Ups program.

Hotelappz joins Oracle We Love Startups

Oracle is the world leader in database systems, but also the world leader in hotel software with Oracle Hospitality, created after the acquisition of Micros Systems (PMS Opera, Fidelio) in 2014.

Hotelappz is the cloud software specialized in Hotel guest database management, Hotel marketing management and guest loyalty.  All the guest data are collected into a single data hub, connected to all the different Hotel software applications (PMS, Channel Manager, Booking Engine, eReputation/Reviews, Chat, web site, upsell, etc.). The data is deduplicated, cleansed and enriched to enable automatic segmentation and to generate fine grained guest targetting. Integrating the Oracle program was a no-brainer.

Customer relationship management has never been more important for Hotels. 40% of travellers return to a destination. But they do not necessarily return to the same Hotel, and when they do return, up to 50% go back through an OTA.

Once a Hotel has received a guest a first time, it must do everything it can to make that guest loyal and to get him to reserve directly on the Hotel website, chat or other direct channel.

Hotelappz helps hotels owners personalize this management – because not all guests are the same – and to automate it, in order to avoid burdening the hotel staff. Personalization and automation both imply use of  Big Data and Artificiel Intelligence, and this is what makes Hotelappz unique. The service also integrates powerful BI (Business Intelligence) functions offering hotels multiple dashboards to monitor the results of their marketing actions and adjust their customer loyalty strategy.

The solution is ideal for Hotels, Groups and Channels looking to boost their customer marketing, inexpensive (from 1.2 € per room / month) and easy to set up. It is already connected to the main PMS (Property Management System), used by more than 15,000 hotels.

Hotelappz intends to take advantage of Oracle’s We Love Start Ups program to accelerate its internationalization and develop in the Oracle ecosystem. Thanks, Oracle!


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