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HotelAppz & MEWS Take The Integration to A New Level with “Click & Connect” Solution

What are the highest levels of integration between a PMS and a CRM platform that hoteliers can expect?

Find the answer from the newly launched “Click & Connect” solution on MEWS MarketPlace, where HotelAppz is proudly in the 1st round of partners that will be listed!


Introduced at ITB Berlin on March 6th 2019, this smart onboarding process enables MEWS’s users to buy HotelAppz instantly from the MarketPlace then be up and running on our platform WITHIN 30 MINUTES. The two systems will AUTOMATICALLY:

  • Establish the connection
  • Exchange data (Name of the hotel, address, amount of rooms, type of property, etc.)
  • Start the data deduplication and compilation process

This unique feature indeed makes the integration happen easily as never before.

Try it out now on MEWS MarketPlace!


At HotelAppz, we are working hard on the deep 2-way integrations with our fellow tech providers (PMS, Channel Manager, e-Reputation, messaging, etc.) so that hoteliers can build their Tech Stack at ease for optimal impact on overall performance.

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