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Dear Hoteliers, make your recovery dream come true

What could a hotelier’s dream look like in 2021? 

Hoteliers are passing through troubled times and the travel industry will certainly take some time to recover. Meanwhile, hoteliers’ wishes and dreams are to have lots of travelers booking again, a lively restaurant or breakfast room, a busy full staff… So is this just a pipe dream?

         FACT: Several apaleo + HotelAppz clients were able to achieve up to 90% occupation rate during the COVID-19 crisis.

So the picture is not all bleak! 

You’d better believe it: there are still strong opportunities that will allow your dream to come true. For example, did you know that clients are much more sensitive to communications from hotels than they have ever been?

They care about personal messages, direct special offers, exclusive loyalty benefits… actions that can stimulate direct bookings by no less than 20 to 40%.  

So, perhaps more now than ever, adopting smart solutions can make all the difference in filling your hotel again.  

apaleo has the best integration with CRM & Marketing Automation

Thanks to apaleo and HotelAppz’s deep 2-way integration, you can have direct access to your complete guest history, built by HotelAppz from the apaleo data, directly within apaleo. It means that the Reception and the Marketing teams have all the guest data at their fingertips needed to optimize guest management at all times. This opens a brand-new world of incredibly powerful capabilities.

Here’s some of what our partnership offers:

1. Smooth guest data managementthrough the HotelAppz iframe, directly, within apaleo: 

  • Access to your full guest profile with their entire booking history
  • Directly edit your guest data: Update emails, names, addresses, optin / outs… without creating any duplicates
  • Easily add TAGS to track customer preferences (business vs leisure, VIP, frequent/non-frequent, booking channels….) for better segmentation.  

2. On top of that, you’ll be able to set up highly impactful marketing tactics, fast & easy:

  • A full set of transactional emails (booking confirmations, payments confirmation, etc.),
  • Segmented and targeted emails: newsletters, seasonal events, special offers, etc.
  • Marketing automation to recover bookings and increase revenue: special offers, pre-stay & post-stay, loyalty, & much more…

3. Last but not least, some cool functionalities:

  • One-click sending of booking INVOICES and booking modifications
  • One-click RESENDING of transactional emails
  • CHECK and LOG all emails sent to your Guests

All in all, HotelAppz will give you the full power to recover bookings, increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction:

  • Increase direct bookings when demand is low: marketing & remarketing automations on the spot. You can set up as many tactics as you want, for maximum impact, quick and easy.
  • Improve renewals & retain clients with a quick loyalty program or benefits set-up. The pre-built framework allows you to design specific benefits related to the clients’ behavior (booking channel, purchasing history, profile…) and to follow up earn and burn operations.
  • Overcome limited Marketing staff: HotelAppz relieves the hard work in data management, freeing up your staff for the most creative and impactful activities : being EVEN MORE successful booking / marketing campaigns.

How does it work?

You are one click away from solving your guest data problems and putting this data to work in generating revenues and customer satisfaction.  

Go to the apaleo app store, click on HotelAppz and get connected (click & connect).  It’s fast (a few minutes) and super easy.  Or if you’d like to see a demo of HotelAppz and the apaleo integration, visit and request a demo 

Once you’re connected, your data will flow into HotelAppz instantly, so that you will be able to set-up your first marketing or remarketing automation in no time. 

Let your dreams come true sooner than you can imagine! 

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Todd Kramer

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