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Integration of Opera HMS with HotelAppz CRM

The Integration of Opera Hotel Management System with HotelAppz is simple, elegant, and offers a lot
of functionality to manage Customer

Integration of Opera Hotel Management System with HotelAppz CRM

Opera PMS is the standard booking solution worldwide 

Opera PMS is the standard booking solution worldwide but needs a swift upgrade to manage properly customer data. Simple, elegant, and ever in flow – for hoteliers who choose a setup with the integration of Opera Hotel Management System, you can be sure that you have the smartest booking solution in place. Booking management software helps hotels, B&B’s, guesthouses, and other styles of accommodation effectively handle all their client information – from simple customer data collection to booking and room preferences, guest profiles, targeted communications, and marketing. Here’s why hoteliers love the Opera Hotel Management System…

Take the Sting Out of Daily Operations

Hotel Management Software is often referred to as Property Management Software (PMS), booking management software, accommodation management software, and these cloud-based hotel management systems allow companies to streamline their booking processes, manage their daily operations, improve B2C communication, and curate pleasurable guest journeys alongside the added benefit of data collection. 

Opera Property Management Software edited by Oracle is one of the most used hotel management system in the world.  Other PMS are Apaleo PMs, Hoist HotSoft PMS, Directholiday, Protel Serenissima, Mews hotel, Guesty, Getimpala, Guestline, Clok PMS, Base7booking, and NextGuest CRM (formerly Serenata). This is why the integration with your Hotel Management system is critical to choose a specialized CRM for hoteliers such as HotelAppz CRM that is prepared to integer smoothly with all the above and any other hotel management systems that support the FIAS protocol.

Increased Efficiency Without Losing the Personal Touch

By leveraging leading HMS management software you can enrich relationships with clients, implement automated messaging services that mimic the personal touch, and save your accommodation business huge swathes of time, resources, and money in the process. By increasing efficiency, collecting data that delivers invaluable insights into your business, and by increasing your booking potential, booking management software can truly take the sting out of daily operations and lost opportunity.

A One Stop Shop With Global Appeal

Choosing the best hotel PMS software means looking for a program that offers integration of the Opera Hotel Management System. Consistently ranked as one of the most used hotel management systems in the world, this cloud-based hotel management system is a one stop shop for all kinds of accommodation regardless of size and style. 

Seamless Integration and Better Business Management

From convenient automated check-in features to grouping customers to create targeted marketing campaigns, the Opera Hotel Management System offers seamless integration and better business management. For those seeking a solid CRM, picking one that effectively integrates Opera gives you a globally celebrated system you can trust. 

What is a CRM (customer relationship management)?

CRM stands for customer relationship management. Any hotelier knows that effective customer service strategies are paramount for keeping yourself elevated above competitors. The hotel industry thrives on personal top tier service and this all starts with knowing your client. Once you know your client, you are able to tailor your services to better suit their needs. 

CRM is a software that can be used to improve your customer profiles. By building clear-cut customer profiles you are able to adapt your services and style of communication to fit that precise style of client. Many hotels use travel CRM software to gather that data so they are able to send out specific target emails, tailored newsletters, and relevant promotions and events that can better connect with a guests needs. 

Opera with HotelAppz CRM: The Best Solution

HotelAppz is a CRM that fully integrates with Opera. Intuitive, effective, and ever ready to help you grow customer relationships via management CRM software, Opera with HotelAppz CRM invites endless opportunity for streamlined growth and fuss free communication. 

HotelAppz is one of the top-rated CRM software solutions. It has been adopted by hundreds of hotels across the globe and is especially loved by small hotels. As one of the best CRM software tools for small business partners, HotelAppz has the award-winning formula of being cost effective and globally revered. 

Taking good care of your customer relations is how hoteliers play the long game. Of course, collecting data, building profiles, tailoring communication, and keeping authentic connections with clients is hugely time consuming, especially in trying times. By laying the foundations of having a solid cheap CRM for hotel management in place, hoteliers are saving hundreds of hours and creating a beautifully simple and clean database with automated services in place. 

HotelAppz A Simple CRM for Deeper Customer Relations 

HotelAppz believes in simplifying life. It’s aim is to save time and effort without compromising on maximum results. For those who are unsure about how to use CRM software, HotelAppz won’t overwhelm. 

The software helps you to profile your clients automatically using fuss free artificial intelligence. The system collects client information from bookings and then builds a profile on that customer before tagging them as a certain kind of traveler. Once you have your online customer profiles, HotelAppz helps you to create customer loyalty programs and targeted email marketing campaigns to boost guest engagement. 

The Benefits of Building Customer Loyalty Programs 

There are many benefits of HotelAppz CRM software and one of the most forward-thinking and dynamic benefits is to build customer loyalty programs. Customer loyalty programs provide an incentive for customers to keep coming back to your hotel brand. By acknowledging and rewarding customer loyalty, you are creating long-lasting relationships with clients. 

Tailoring Communication for Added Guest Value

One of the first steps in curating a customer loyalty program that connects is understanding the kind of client you are trying to reach. As mentioned, the hospitality industry thrives on personal connections and helping guests feel valued. As each guest is different, a one-size-fits-all approach runs the risk of falling flat. By using CRM analytics for hotels, you can organize data already collected and use this information to strategize a tailored approach (

Segmenting the Market for Effective Strategies

HotelAppz CRM organizes your PMS data, making it simple to build your online customer profiles and to organize these profiles so you can tailor communication and target your email marketing. A business traveler will be drawn to different loyalty deals than a budget backpacker or honeymoon couple. Each of these styles of travelers will require a different approach in communication and a different consumer engagement strategy. By segmenting your consumer markets you will be better equipped to effectively communicate and drive up repeat bookings and ROI results. 

Capitalizing on Seasonal Style with Relevant Incentives

Each hotel is unique and each destination delivers something different. For those hoteliers who think outside of their own four walls, you can also capitalize and connect with your guests by leveraging the seasonal style of traveling. Whether its Europe’s Christmas markets, winter sun, local festivities, or something else unique to your area, you can use your email marketing, newsletters, and communications to offer streamlined customer loyalty incentives to encourage returning guests and word of mouth recommendations. 

The Benefits of Email Marketing in HotelAppz CRM

Another brilliant benefit of HotelAppz CRM customer profiling is the newsletter feature which invites hotels to create engaging email marketing solutions. Writing a newsletter is an amazing way of making the most of your email list and ensuring that you are staying connected and keeping awareness levels high when it comes to building strong relations with guests.

Newsletters for Driving Up Bookings

Newsletters can strike that balance between bringing guests inspirational and informative content and keeping them up to date with incentives and the best loyalty programs to meet their needs. Newsletter templates make this a fast and effective process, helping you to tweak the content so it suits the targeted receiver.

You can opt to send out a monthly newsletter enriched with local information such as restaurant events, new openings, and destination tips. Get the last news at,  or  You can also include promotional material to encourage customer incentives and potentially drive up bookings.

Pre-Arrival Incentives for the Upsell

Your B2C communication doesn’t need to stop at monthly newsletters. HotelAppz makes it simple to boost communication and heighten the guest journey every step of the way. As soon as a booking is made, you can use HotelAppz to send email or SMS appointment reminders to the customer prior to their arrival. Not only will this act of reaching out earn you accolades when it comes to customer care but it also invites the opportunity for room upgrades and other such customer loyalty rewards. 

Post Booking Emails for Valued Feedback and Data

Guest relations shouldn’t stop with the customer check out. Even after their stay, HotelAppz grants you every opportunity to keep in touch and to maximize on your engagement by collecting valuable data. From satisfaction surveys to the opportunity to rate and review across social media, HotelAppz can then also take that information and add it to the client database, building an even more vivid profile of the guest so you can finetune your communication and further meet their pain points for better brand loyalty in the future. 

The Future of Hospitality Target Marketing 

HotelAppz with the integration of Opera Hotel Management System is a tour de force for the hospitality world. Manually collecting data and having a whole host of information stuffed into a spreadsheet is only going to cause overwhelm for even the savviest of hoteliers. Even sorting through the data and getting to a place where you can grow your profit from that information can be hugely time consuming. 

By investing in a fast, simple, and hugely affordable HotelAppz CRM system you can streamline and segment all that data, create targeted campaigns to drive growth and improve customer relations, and automate campaigns all with a series of simple clicks. The future of hospitality marketing is here.

With HotelAppz integrated to Opera, you can get control back again over your customer data. It will provide you all the capabilities to communicate in all channels, personalize the customer journey end-to-end (from the first interest to post-stay and loyalty) and increase your direct bookings. And as the integration with Opera has been pre-built, bringing back your clients is just at the corner.

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