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Newsletter Template for Hotel Events with HotelAppz

Newsletter Template for Hotel Events is easily available in HotelAppz CRM for all the events of the year.  Why? Email channel offers the highest ROI for marketers and eCommerce : it returns 38$ for every 1$ spent! Email marketing is of the utmost importance for hotels: it triggers a lot of direct bookings with a limited budget.

Discover how to get the most of it!

Modern marketing provides many small miracles for hoteliers and one of the most rewarding investments is turning to newsletter templates for your guests. Email campaigns help to keep you connected with your guests. Of course, its time consuming to pen endless newsletters and manually input all the information into a long reeling email list, but HotelAppz is here to help. HotelAppz newsletter feature gives you newsletter event templates so you can plan with ease for all those great occasions. Whether it is an email for Halloween, an email for Christmas or New Year’s or even a birthday message to your loyal customers, HotelAppz aims to strengthen your communication with guests to grow brand loyalty, enhance personal service, and grow your bookings. 

HotelAppz doesn’t stop at just serving up easy to personalize templates, it also keeps track of all your clients birthdays via organic data collection and automates birthday responses to secure that one on one relationship. Alongside growing customer relationships, HotelAppz also helps manage your guest arrival and departure emails and satisfaction surveys, taking the legwork out of daily admin and saving time and precious resources thanks to forward-thinking automation. Here are the swift steps you can expect when planning a newsletter:

How to Write a Newsletter for Hotel Events with HotelAppz Templates

HotelAppz CRM helps you to choose the right template for a nice Newsletter for Hotel Events. Having a savvy and highly sophisticated email marketing tool can help you to manage those campaigns with ease and elegance. HotelAppz understands the pain points of building effective event templates that maximize ROI. HotelAppz leads you through several simple and quick to set up tasks so your hotel events are automated and ready to go at the click of a button. 

  1. Prepare the Newsletter. HotelAppz invites you to decide on the target profile so you can create a great email based on the audience group who will receive it. After you have selected the target profile you simply choose your newsletter template, write the message, include a promo offer, and add a little information about the event.
  2. Launch the Campaign: Pick the right time to launch your campaign to drive up engagements. HotelAppz lets you add a timer in advance to launch the campaign so you don’t have to be glued to your computer. 
  3. Monitor the Campaign: HotelAppz has developed in-depth business intelligence tools to help you measure the success of your campaign so you can tweak communication and creative ideas for the future.

Tips for Newsletter Content Success

You only get one chance to make a great first impression when it comes to email marketing and this means curating a great first line to get that email opened. The preview text will be displayed next to the subject line and you want to make sure that the customer commits to the newsletter opening before pressing the delete button. Having your hotel name, a welcoming clue to the email content, and ensuring you use language that suits your target group can all encourage positive click action. 

It’s also essential to give your customer everything they need within the body of the email if you want them to follow a call to action. If there are bookings to be made, registrations for events, or any kind of action you want them to take, be sure to add all the necessary links so your guests don’t have to do any additional work or web searches.

Email Template for a Monthly Newsletter

HotelAppz offers several different styles of monthly newsletter models so you can pick the prototype that fits your hotel brand the best. The type of newsletter template should have a format that fits the target group you are aiming to connect with. For example, you may want a fresher younger newsletter template style if you are aiming to connect with backpackers. If you are aiming to reach out to business travelers, a more classical style could work best. 

Keeping a balance of informative and inspirational content that covers both in-house hotel news and the destination is a good base for building your monthly email newsletter. You can include features such as:

  • Editor or hotel manager thoughts
  • Upcoming events in the city or destination
  • A sneak peek at the hotels latest restaurant menu alongside a few words from the chef
  • Spa specials from the health and wellness suite
  • Special events and room upgrades

Email Template for Your Loyalty Program

HotelAppz also offers email marketing software to curate templates for loyalty or reward programs. Loyalty programs are an essential part of competitive customer care service and encourage guest loyalty and repeat bookings. When building customer service emails covering hotel rewards you want to try and include the following key elements:

  • Start with a greeting
  • Include the current number of points your guest has
  • Offer a selected list of promotions the guest is entitled to with their number of points
  • Share news of a special event in your city or hotel that may be interesting to your guest

Always make sure that the promotions and events shared and offered could be of interest to your guest based on their profile or email segmentation group. For example, honeymooners and couples may crave restaurant deals and spa treatments whereas families could prefer discounted entry to local attractions and attractive room deals.

The following is an example of a simple, fuss-free email covering the basics of a hotel rewards offer:

Your Loyalty Program at My Hotel

       Dear Mr. XXX

       You currently have XXX points from our Loyalty Program. 

       Right now you are eligible to enjoy the following promotions.

       Right now is a great time to visit as our city is celebrating XXX

       Warm regards,

      The Hotel Director

Email Template for Halloween

HotelAppz offers a newsletter template for Halloween. Halloween events are highly popular with traveling families and backpackers seeking social events and the chance to meet other solo travelers and have some fun. You can easily personalize the template and add your own information to build excitement in your guest for fall festivities. Again, don’t forget to tailor information and tone to suit your target guest profile. It can be as simple as:

Halloween is Coming to My Hotel

Get ready to celebrate with fun dress up and chills down the spine as we welcome our guests to enjoy All Hallows Eve. The city is offering spine tingling fun with events such as XXX. In the hotel kitchen, our Chef has been carving pumpkins for a heart-warming Halloween menu and our cocktail shakers are making a special themed drink to celebrate. 

Spooky regards,

The Hotel Director

Email Template for Christmas and New Year Eve Events

A Christmas email is a must when it comes to celebrating hotel events and encouraging customer interactions. You can also send out a New Year Eves email both in advance and on the night. The first can cover what events guests can expect to be happening in the hotel and wider destination area. The second can be an authentic marketing and promotion free note sending well wishes for the upcoming year. As part of your end of year events, you can also weave in a yearly roundup of news into your New Years monthly newsletter. Don’t forget to adapt tone and content to fit your guest profile and style of traveler.

Season’s Greetings from My Hotel

Christmas is a wonderful time of year gifting us the opportunity to share precious moments with those we love. This year we are welcoming Christmas with open arms at the hotel. Our staff have been busy decorating the lobby with boughs of holly and our Chef is whipping up a special Christmas menu. We do hope you will join us for a glass of champagne around the tree.

All of our guests bring a spark of magic to our hotel and we are so grateful to share this time with you all. Let’s celebrate with friends, family, and food.

Warmest wishes,

The Hotel Director

Email Template for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day can be a hugely profitable time for hotels and HotelAppz invites you to make the most of this romantic time of year by sending out a Valentines email. Sharing your Saint Valentine’s events in advance through a hotel newsletter will give potential guests the time to make a booking. Of course, the most popular guests that you are trying to reach at this time of year will be couples. 

Heart Felt Greetings from My Hotel

The month of love is upon us and for all those romantics out there we want to wish you a lovely Valentine’s Day. Here at the hotel, we have been busy trimming roses and putting the champagne on ice for those couples who wish to celebrate in our cozy romantic abode. We are offering romantic room upgrades for those craving a beautiful little break away this Valentine’s day. Click on the link to find out about our special Valentine deals. 

Warmest regards,

The Hotel Director

Email Template for Birthday

Take your targeted email marketing up a notch and send a birthday email to your guests to build a deeper customer relationship. Marking your guest out as an individual and sending a happy birthday email is one of those low efforts target marketing strategies that come with big returns, especially when you use the ease of a HotelAppz birthday email template. 

As always, you do want to make sure that you weave in some personalization to the email to avoid it seeming like a directly automated entry and you should pick a tone that suits your target customer.

For backpackers and solo travelers or those on the millennial or younger end of the spectrum, you can send a message filled with lightness and even a touch of humor. 

Couples and those with families may prefer a more sincere and authentic style. Business travelers are best served with a professional tone. 

You can keep the target customer email a simple and straightforward happy birthday message or you could even reward your loyal customers with a little gift like a discount or a free drink for their next stay if you feel the ROI is worthwhile and in keeping with your personal target market analysis and strategy.

Target email marketing and newsletter templates may be a small move but it’s a huge contributing factor for tightening your relationship with your guests. In today’s competitive market, demands on customer service are high and many travelers are turning to the more authentic personal and boutique approach when it comes to customer service. By sending newsletter templates for special occasions, granting rewards on loyalty programs, and letting your guests know that you are thinking of them from time to time, all this creates a beautiful buzz around your hotel and keeps you at the forefront of their mind. HotelAppz is here to help you build those relationships with ease.

With HotelAppz, you can get control back again over your customer data. It will provide you all the capabilities to communicate in all channels, personalize the customer journey end-to-end (from the first interest to post-stay and loyalty) and increase your direct bookings. And as the integration with Opera has been pre-built, bringing back your clients is just at the corner.

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