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Opera & Ambassador Hotels in Zurich Choose HotelAppz as their CRM

HotelAppz is proud to announce its partnership with MEWS Systems and QuickText along with its new client (Ambassador & Opera Hotels in Zurich). HotelAppz along with our partners are helping the Ambassador & Opera Hotels to increase their revenue, margins, and guest loyalty / satisfaction.

Michael Böhler, the General Manager of the hotels knows that managing guest data is key! However, in the past, it’s been a problem:

  1. Guest Data is everywhere
  2. It’s hard to collect
  3. GDPR issues

To improve margins, increase revenue, and regain direct sales from OTAs, guest data is key. Hotels need data for both service excellence, upselling and making sure guests return direct.  The problem is guest data is spread across different systems (like PMS, social media, e-reputation), so it’s hard to collect. In addition, new privacy regulations, like GDPR, require rigorous data management tools.

As Michael says: “HotelAppz allows us to collect data from different sources and centralize it.”  And he adds: “Due to the new GDPR laws we needed a tool to quickly access and manage all of our guests’ data, and HotelAppz is exactly what we were looking for.”

Collecting & Integrating Data Across Multiple Sources


HotelAppz is integrated with multiple sources of guest data. It receives bookings and guest profiles. But also, newer types of data like guest comments, surveys and even the contents from SMSs or Facebook messages. HotelAppz is an open, two-way system, and can send detailed guest data to any other hotel system.   Connecting with HotelAppz is very easy too.


Inside the HotelAppz system, all the guest data from multiple systems is collected in a central guest profile.  Guests are deduplicated, and the guest profiles are enriched.  This allows for power full segmentation so that hoteliers can send the right message, at the right time, to the right guest.

All guest messaging is managed in the HotelAppz marketing automation engine.

The guest data can be used for:

  • The entire customer journey (in pre-stay, during, and post stay)
  • Campaigns and automations
  • Loyalty management– between stays
  • And even transactional emails such as on the fly booking confirmations or sending electronic invoices.

Easy to Implement.  Aggressively Priced.  Instantaneous ROI.

HotelAppz also has a powerful analytics module that delivers multiple dashboards and has many Business Intelligence features.

HotelAppz is an open, two-way system and can send detailed guest data to any other hotel system.

Plus, it’s easy to implement!


HotelAppz has a very competitive price, typically 5 X less than our leading competitors.  At 1,2€ per room per month, the return on investment (ROI) is almost instantaneous.

A big thanks to Michael Böhlerfor his trust and our partners Mews and QuickText for being great partners!

So be like Michael and experience the power of HotelAppz, MEWS, and Quicktext.

Give us a call or contact us to setup a demo today.

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