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Template, Targetting, Campaigns, and Automation Survey with HotelAppz

HotelAppz supports Hotels by providing email Templates, improving Targetting, organizing Campaigns, ensuring proper marketing Automation, and sending client satisfaction surveys.

Connecting directly with your customers is essential nowadays and, at the same time, straightforward using the online channels. Clients interact when content is relevant to them.

For you, it offers unique opportunities to :

  • maintain Top of Mind,
  • promote nice offers,
  • receive feedback.

For hoteliers like in other businesses, the main question is: how to streamline the direct communication processes and make it even more impactful and efficient?

Efficient Communication

Communication is key when it comes to running a successful hospitality business that doesn’t drop the ball. Without a good system in place, it can be easy for different teams to go astray when it comes to communication. HotelAppz CRM designed for hotels can keep communication and all interactions crystal clear and tracked. You can make sure that all marketing actions are functioning to the finest of their capability.

The right Template with HotelAppz

As mentioned, a good marketing strategy whether its targeted emails or loyalty programs that connect all require the best hotel CRM in place. HotelAppz CRM builds guest profiles and utilize data but if you pick HotelAppz, you also get newsletter templates and email templates that can be personalized. By opting for personalized communication methods, you are saying yes to savvy marketing strategies that can propel your business forward.

With guest profiles in place, you don’t have to shoot in the dark as you have all the data and all the information to know exactly what your guests need and what they don’t. For example, if you know a certain profile of a guest spends more money on spa and leisure facilities, you can create promotions and loyalty programs that offer free spa treats or discounted treatments. You are directly appealing to their desires you have more chance of engaging them.

HotelAppz has a savvy approach when it comes to personalization by offering targeted email marketing options and newsletter templates. You can curate personalized emails to welcome your guests, you can offer upgrades that meet their needs, and you can send monthly email newsletters that contain relevant information that you know would be of interest based on their guest profile

Improve Targetting with HotelAppz

A good Customer Relationship Management system can be an invaluable source when it comes to improving targetting. While you will have plenty of guest data collected in your PMs, HotelAppz CRM can integrate your PMS and take that data and turn it into valuable information that can help you to target your customers’ needs.

HotelAppz CRM curates data and builds effective guest profiles that are targeting your guest. When you have a rich and full guest profile and a clear idea of their needs and pain points you are able to better deliver constructive campaigns, customized messages, perks that work, and to hash out loyalty programs that are as engaging as can be.

Manage Campaigns with HotelAppz

All hoteliers know the importance of the upsell campaign, why let an opportunity go to waste? Yet, upselling shouldn’t be done with a heavy hand otherwise you may only serve to annoy or alienate your guest. Fortunately, HotelAppz CRM makes the upsell unobtrusive, natural, and easy to instigate a campaign. By using the personal approach and sending automated email marketing that is specially tailored to your guest type, you have the best set up for engaging your guest and reaping success with the upsell.

For example, a solo traveler may appreciate the chance to upgrade to a special solo package that includes a free drink at the bar or discount restaurant options, whereas a couple traveling over

Valentine’s weekend may prefer the option to upgrade to a suite or to choose a package that involves wining and dining for two. When guests receive relevant options that are of interest, they are more likely to go for the upgrade

Supervise Automation with HotelAppz

In the modern world, we are so used to having everything on-demand at our fingertips and the truth is, we often don’t like to wait around. Guests no longer want to have to stand about waiting for a lengthy check-in and check-out procedures, instead, they want life to be streamlined and simple so they can continue with their day.

HotelAppz CRM manages all the automation of Check-in, Check-out emails. Sending a booking reminder before arrival gives a nice level of customer care. This email builds enthusiasm and brand loyalty and also invites the opportunity to offer an upsell. For example, before your guest arrives you can send out a welcome email and offer them upgrade options based on their specific guest profile. The reminder is an opportunity to give hotel promotions and local city or destination tips and promotions too. Finally, along with the details about check-in, you can ask the guest to like or review the hotel on social media or booking sites according to the customer profile. You can follow us on YouTube on our Mailing Automation function:

Send  Client Satisfaction Surveys with HotelAppz

Guest surveys are essential to measuring satisfaction in the hospitality business. Questionnaires are an invaluable source of insight for the hotel. HotelAppz can organize your survey campaign by email. A satisfaction survey by email is also efficient to capture guests’ opinions.

Integration of HotelAppz with your Hotel Management System

From five-star hotels to boutique city stays and even beachside hostels, anyone in the hospitality business knows the importance of cloud-based solutions for streamlining and simplifying their business. Whether organizing customer data, automating check-in, or seeking better ways to strengthen your communication with guests, the integration of your PMS with HotelAppz can lift your hotel management to a whole new level. HotelApps can integer most of the main PMs of the market: Opera PMS, Apaleo PMS, Hoist HotSoft PMS, Directholiday, Protel Serenissima, Mews hotel, Guesty, Getimpala, Guestline, Clok PMS, Base7booking, NextGuest.

The Benefits of a PMS

Property Management System geared towards helping hostels, hotels, and any kind of accommodation business to run like clockwork. There are a ton of benefits to having a Property Management System in place.

Work Faster and Smarter

A great PMS has the potential to dramatically reduce the time and effort taken up by all-consuming manual tasks. Whether its file organization, record-keeping, or manually going through day to day admin tasks, having a streamlined and savvy PMS should do the heavy lifting for you, leaving your staff with more time and space to dedicate to guests. Not only will this save your hotel money by ensuring staff resources are well utilized, but it also becomes a more cost-effective solution as your team is able to work faster and smarter. A solid PMS solution will also reduce the risk of mistakes being made such as overbooking and can keep deals and availability updated in real-time to completely maximize your booking capabilities.

Streamline Internal Systems

Even beyond the arrival and departure features, Property Management Software will also allow you to deal with behind the scenes tasks with ease and zero delays. Requests can be automated and delegated including when it comes to factors like room service, cleaning and maintenance, and guest requests.

The benefits to adding a CRM to your PMS

Now you have all the benefits of a Property Management System you can combine those powers with your Customer Relationship Management system. While the PMS is busy behind the scenes keeping all your admin streamlined for success, the CRM can get to work on allowing easy management of those integral customer relationships.

Customer service is paramount to the hospitality industry and while a lot of that may require face-to-face interactions with guests, its also worth noting that in the 21st century, guest expectations are higher. Adopting that personal approach in the virtual setting is essential for those who want to boost bookings, improve guest relations, and encourage higher levels of engagement. When you blend the power of a solid CRM with the organization of a PMS, you have an award-winning formula and all the following benefits…

Even More Personalization

Personalization is paramount when dealing with guests as no one wants to feel like just another face passing through the doors. We all know this is true when it comes to the small day to day touches – like remembering a customer’s name, being interested in listening to requests, etc, but it’s also important when dealing with any form of communication.

HotelAppz CRM for hotels

The integration with your Hotel Management system is critical to choose a specialized CRM for hoteliers such as HotelAppz CRM that is prepared to integer smoothly with Opera PMS, Apaleo PMS, Hoist HotSoft PMS, Directholiday, Protel Serenissima, Mews hotel, Guesty, Getimpala, Guestline, Clok PMS, Base7booking, NextGuest, and any other hotel management systems that support the FIAS protocol.

With HotelAppz CRM integrated with your PMS, you are able to take personalization one step further. You can curate your data to build a solid profile of your guest and then work on the best strategies for connecting. Guests find bespoke and tailored service an incredibly important part of the experience and the more you can weave this into your approach, the better your repeat booking results will be.

Why HotelAppz is the Perfect Match

By opting for the integration with HotelAppz, you are selecting a formula that can dramatically improve your hotel operations. HotelAppz has been designed with the same protocols in mind – save time, save money, make tasks easier, and always be geared towards personalization so you can offer a better guest experience and boost your booking power. Here are a few of the ways in which HotelAppz makes it easier for you…

The Power of Personalization

By collecting data from your PMS, HotelAppz can turn that information into valuable insights that can be further used to better understand and connect to your customer base. The data that your PMS collects is carried over to HotelAppz where the app turns it into information rich guest profiles. By knowing where your guests are spending their money, which requests they are making, and whether they are business, leisure, solo, or family orientated clients, you can use all this to tailor your communication and service.

Effortless Ease

HotelAppz has been designed with effortless ease in mind. At HotelAppz we understand that time is precious and that few hoteliers have the capacity to take on software that requires hours of lengthy training, endless support, and huge investments to get up and running.

Functions offer an intuitive, straightforward approach that avoids the need for lengthy learning investment. On HotelAppz there is a single dashboard set up that invites hoteliers to handle everything they need right there on the page rather than having to deal with an endless back and forth. The clean setup, segmented data options, and the automated interaction options all keep things fast and friendly. It’s a plugin, collect data, and get going scenario that enables flexible options for completely personalized outcomes.

As a cloud-based solution, HotelAppz CRM can be used on any computer meaning that for hoteliers on the go, you don’t have to be in-house to oversee your operations.

Get Automated and Get Ahead

HotelAppz CRM offers a fully fledge backend system that can beautifully boost your bookings, save time and money, and ensure that you have all the information and support you need to get the absolute best out of your customer data. With the opportunity to automate your data collection, target marketing, email campaigns, and loyalty programs, you and your team will have more capacity for those face to face tasks that truly matter. Get automated, get ahead, and get connected to your guests with HotelAppz CRM.

With HotelAppz integrated to your PMS, you can get control back again over your customer data. It will provide you all the capabilities to communicate in all channels, personalize the customer journey end-to-end (from the first interest to post-stay and loyalty) and increase your direct bookings. And as the integration with Opera has been pre-built, bringing back your clients is just at the corner.

Improve your direct communications with your clients, so that you can have them back again!

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