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The Open Hotel Tech Stack & Personalizing The Guest Journey

Why it matters, how to do it, and a little CRM&PMS dreamin’…

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Small & medium size hotel chains and small independent hotels need to be agile and constantly be on the lookout for ways to stay ahead of their competition. In addition, hotel guests’ expectations are constantly changing, and they are demanding a more personalized approach, that recognizes them as individuals. Hotels can no longer rely on traditional means to stay ahead of the curve and need to turn to technology to help them move faster and adapt to their clients’ needs.

Legacy systems are all too often (particularly PMS) unable to keep up with the required changes and remain proprietary / closed systems; unable to share vital data between systems. Hotels need to demand openness and flexibility, starting with a modern PMS that uses a connectivity layer (APIs) and is capable to share guest data with a CRM so that a guest personalization can be achieved across the entire guest journey.

This white paper explores the evolution of the customers’ expectations, the drivers behind them, and how hoteliers can turn these demands into an advantage for the hotel. We explain the importance of technology and why it is fundamental to use an Open Hotel Tech Stack. That in turn, allows Hoteliers to personalize communication with their guests and to truly LOYALIZE THEM for life.


Let’s take a look at what’s waiting for you inside this paper!


Chapter 1: Why does personalization matter?

Chapter 2: Hoteliers’ pain-points & How technology can alleviate them?

Data dispersion

Hotel systems do not talk to each other

Limited time and resources

Privacy and compliance challenges

Chapter 3: The new way of thinking

Bulky vs. Lean (Monoliths vs. Microservices)

The new API-first approach

Chapter 4: Personalization in practice





Chapter 5: Dream Big  –  The new possibilities with connected systems


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