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What would happen if your Hotel Tech Stack couldn’t talk to each other?

It could cost your hotel a great deal if you only focus on adopting new technologies and forget about their interoperability.


Imagine a bunch of innovative solutions working in the same hotel towards common business goals BUT they do not communicate with one another. OMG, the nightmares could become your reality!

Just to name a few!

To avoid these kinds of scary scenarios, we, at HotelAppz, always demand freedom of integration and along with our partners, we have some of the best integration on the market. That way we can offer our clients innovative solutions that actually simplify hoteliers’ lives.

At the International Hotel Tech Forum (IHTF) that is happening this summer, our CEO Rui Teixeira Guerra, sitting together with IT executives from Hilton, Accor, Rocco Forte, will come up with profound insights, ideas and solutions around industry’s two buzzwords: “INTEGRATION” and “AI” (Artificial Intelligence).

Block your calendar from the 14th – 16th of May 2019 for the International Hotel Tech Forum (IHTF)!

To register your place at IHTF, please click HERE!


About IHTF

IHTF is an annual event that brings together hoteliers and hotel technology experts from across Europe (and the Middle East). Over the course of 3 days, attendees can expect diverse and interactive experiences including workshops, debates, round-tables, case studies and interviews. The most pressing issues facing the hotel industry will be tackled, covering not only technology area but sales and marketing as well. The forum date are 14 – 16 May 2019.


About HotelAppz

HotelAppz is a complete solution for hotel CRM (Guest Data Hub) which is cloud-based, data-driven and directly connected to PMS, Channel Manager, e-reputation, and other hotel systems. It provides hoteliers with a rich, clean, centralized, organized and segmentable guest database, in turn, automates personalized marketing campaigns. Over and above, it gives hotels access to the power of Big Data, Guest analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Learn more about us on our website.

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